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The Prescott Farmers Market welcomes growers from Yavapai County as well as other counties in Arizona. All products sold at the market must be grown and/or produced by the vendor. No reselling is permitted. Food vendors from Arizona are also welcome: all processed food must contain a minimum of 10% AZ-grown ingredients; crafts must contain a minimum of 80% locally-grown or wild-harvested products. All vendor applications must be reviewed by the Market Manager and are subject to inspection at any point during the season. Applicants must be accepted in writing before they can attend the Prescott Farmers Market. Applicants who are denied will receive a full refund. For detailed information about becoming a vendor, please read our Rules and Regulations.


Growers of fruits, vegetables, herbs and tree nuts, and raisers of livestock are required to sell their own products at the markets. Reselling is NEVER permitted.

Small growers/Gardeners

If you are looking to take your backyard garden to the next level in order to sell at the market, but aren’t quite sure if you can make it work, please consider applying to sell at the Community Booth. See the Community Booth section below to begin the process and receive more information.

Food/Agricultural Craft Vendors

We require that all vendors use a minimum of 10% Arizona- grown/produced ingredients in their processed food products, and 80% Arizona-grown agricultural product in their craft items. This ensures that all of the vendors at the market support our mission of supporting local agriculture. Please don’t be intimidated by this; we want to help all vendors comply. Complete a product plan by listing all ingredients in your products along with your sources. In addition be prepared to show receipts at the time of your inspection. We will accept this percentage as volume, weight or number of ingredients in the ingredient list.  We can also help you to source Arizona ingredients. Although the market itself is a great source for local products, ingredients do not need to come from vendors at the market – they can come from any Arizona source, whether from small growers, large producers, or retail establishments, as long as it can be traced back to an Arizona source. Please email with any questions or concerns. We are confident that all who are willing can comply with this rule.

Non-Profit Organizations

PFM invites a limited number of organizations whose mission complements that of PFM to attend the summer market. Organizations interested in attending must provide proof of 501(c)(3) status, liability insurance and pay a $25.00 fee. Non-profits interested in attending the market should email the market manager with a detailed proposal.

Guest Artist Program

The Prescott Farmers Market invites local artists and crafters residing in Yavapai County to attend the market on a limited basis during each season as our “Guest Artist”. Scheduling of artists begins approximately one month before each market season begins. See the Guest Artist Program section below for application information.  If you have questions about the Guest Artist program, please email


If you meet our qualifications, please submit details of your products and business for our review. Your business must be up and running, not in the idea stage. Non-farm food businesses must be prepared to submit product samples, labels, marketing materials, and price points upon request. We will respond to all inquiries within 3 weeks of receipt. If you are approved to apply you will receive an application via email from the Market Manager.

Vendor Inquiry

Please note: Completing this form does not constitute a formal application to sell at the market.


Please view our complete Rules and Regulations.

Fees: The fee per booth space is $50.00 each season. In addition to the booth fee, all vendors pay 10% of their total sales to the market at the end of each market day.

Insurance: All vendors are required to provide a copy of general and product liability insurance, naming Prescott Farmers Market, Inc., as additionally insured. We also highly recommend listing the market location address of 900 Iron Springs Rd. Prescott, AZ 86305.

Weights: All tents are required to have a minimum of 20-pound weights on each leg. Vendors will be required to take their tent down if this rule is not obeyed. PFM has extra weights available on a first-come, first-serve basis for the cost of $10.00 per weight per day.



If you are interested in becoming a new vendor, fill out the vendor inquiry form.  The Market Manager will review it and ensure that you qualify and then will send you the link to the Vendor Application.

Fill out our Vendor Application using the link emailed to you by the Market Manager. Proof of liability insurance, a crop or product plan, as well as any other permits or contracts, are required at time of application. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Farmers: All growers of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and plants must submit a Crop Plan with the application.  Download the PFM CROP PLAN here.

Ranchers: If you raise livestock and sell meat and/or a byproduct of the animal raised, please fill out the Meat Product Plan. All vendors who use an animal byproduct to meet the AZ 10% minimum ingredients requirement, and raise the animal must fill out this plan to approve the locally sourced ingredient(s). Download the PFM MEAT PRODUCT PLAN here.

Food/Craft Vendors: Vendors selling crafts and processed foods must include a Product Plan detailing all products they intend to sell and what percentage of each is sourced locally/AZ-grown. Vendors must also supply receipts for these purchases. Download thePFM PRODUCT PLAN here.

Special Events Permit:  All vendors selling processed foods must complete a Special Events Permit Application and return it to the Yavapai County Community Health Services office. You may need to pay an additional fee if you sample foods at the market or sell prepared or processed foods.  Vendors also must keep a food handler’s card/certificate on hand at all times while selling at the market. It is the vendor’s responsibility to comply with these rules; inspectors frequent the market to ensure compliance. Please visit the Yavapai County Community Health Services website ( or call with any questions at 928-771-3149.

Inspections and Audits:  The Market Manager and PFM team will conduct farm inspections and receipt audits for all vendors during the market season. Those who fail to provide adequate documentation may be denied from the market until such documentation is submitted or, in some cases, permanently.


  • Yavapai County Community Health Services (prepared foods): Cecil Newell: (928) 442-5492 or Bud Nollet: (928) 771-3149
  • Maricopa County Health Department: Central Office (602)506-6984 or Plan Review-Donna (602)506-6980
  • Department of Weights and Measures (scales): (623) 463-9946 or 1-800-277-6675 ext. 9946
  • Arizona Department of Agriculture (meat and dairy): (602) 542-4373
  • Tax Department – State of AZ: (602) 716-6010
  • Tax Department – City of Prescott: (928) 777-1268

Once you have received an acceptance letter from the Market Manager, you are welcome to attend Prescott Farmers Market. Please read through the Vendor Information Packet thoroughly as you and your staff will be accountable for all information included there.


PFM offers a Community Booth to short-term vendors who are interested in trialing the market. This may be a shared booth space. Community Booth vendors are required to pay 10% of daily sales and are subject to farm/production site inspections. PFM will provide a tent with weights and a 3-foot table for up to four vendors at a time on a first-come, first-served basis. There is a $10 application fee for use of the Community Booth for up to four (not necessarily consecutive) weeks. After the fourth week, Community Booth vendors can meet with the Market Manager to discuss continuation as a regular vendor.

If you have questions about vending as a Community Booth, please email


The Prescott Farmers Market invites local artists and crafters residing in Yavapai County to attend the market on a limited basis each season as a Guest Artist.

All application reviews and scheduling for the very popular Guest Artist program begins approximately one month before each market season begins and is done on a first-come, first-served basis.

The application and scheduling process for the Summer Season through October 28, 2023 is complete. No applications are being accepted at this time.

The application and scheduling process for the Winter Season (November 4, 2023 through March 30, 2024) will be open soon. Check back here at the beginning of October.

If you have questions about the Guest Artist program, please email us.