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NoCo Community Kitchen and Incubator Program

Kitchen is opening Soon!

Prescott Farmers Market is thrilled to introduce NoCo Community Kitchen! Often called “NoCo” for short, the kitchen is named after its location at 218 North Cortez Street in downtown Prescott, Arizona. Historically a main point of access to downtown, NoCo is a new source of support and community for our small local food businesses and entrepreneurs.

Potential kitchen users include local food producers, small food businesses, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, food business start-ups and community groups located in Yavapai County who share Prescott Farmers Market’s interest in supporting and expanding local agriculture, cultivating a healthy community and increasing access to affordable local food. Interest from those who are supporting local foods, farmers or food production; increasing access to healthy, fresh and local foods and building community around food will be prioritized.

To learn more about NoCo Community Kitchen and the small food business Incubator Program, click below.


Thank you for your interest in NoCo Community Kitchen! Please read the information below to see if our space is a good fit for your needs. If you have questions that aren’t answered below, please contact the Kitchen Manager.

Where is the kitchen?

The kitchen is located at 218 N. Cortez Street in downtown Prescott, AZ near the intersection of Sheldon and Cortez.

Can my organization use NoCo Community Kitchen?

We prioritize access to the kitchen for local food producers and small food businesses who utilize local ingredients. We also welcome educational institutions, non-profit organizations, caterers, special events programs and community collaborations. Anyone using the kitchen must have (at minimum) a Food Handler Certification.

How do I apply to rent the kitchen?

After reading the Kitchen Use and Rental Guidelines complete the Kitchen Use Request Survey . The Kitchen Manager will then contact you to discuss the next steps.

How much does it cost to rent the kitchen?

Rental rates vary depending on how you plan to use the space. They range from a one time fee to a monthly minimum. If you plan to use the kitchen on a regular, long term basis, there is a $200 one-time administrative fee. This includes the fee for the NoCo Community Kitchen’s Incubator Program. This 4 week program teaches entrepreneurs critical business skills, connects them with resources in the community and provides them with individualized business mentorship.

When is the kitchen available?

Scheduling kitchen time is done through a shared calendar and overseen by the Kitchen Manager. Regular kitchen users will have 24 hour access to the facility.

What kind of equipment is in the kitchen?

The kitchen has a gas range, griddle, gas ovens and charbroiler. It also has an electric double stack convection oven, proofing cabinet, mixer, and microwave oven. While we do not supply ingredients, the kitchen is stocked with a variety of preparation tools, equipment, and dry and cold storage. If you have specific equipment questions or want to schedule a time to see the facility, please contact the Kitchen Manager.

What requirements do you have for using the kitchen?

Please refer to the Kitchen Use & Rental Guidelines for specific requirements. 



      Prescott Farmers Market’s NoCo Community Kitchen is available to community partners that understand and agree to abide by the Kitchen’s policies and procedures. These guidelines will help you determine if the kitchen can serve your needs and is the first step in the process of using the kitchen. After reading this information, please complete the Kitchen Use Request Survey. The Kitchen Manager will review your request and follow up with you directly.


      The steps required to use the NoCo Community Kitchen are outlined below:

      1. Read this document including the Kitchen FAQs.
      2. Fill out the Kitchen Use Request Survey.
      3. The Kitchen Manager will respond to your request and schedule a time to discuss your needs.
      4. Approved partners will be invited to complete the rental process.
      5. Before the first use of the kitchen, an orientation session will be scheduled to review the kitchen’s policies, procedures and safe conduct guidelines. Access to the shared scheduling calendar will be given.
      6. If you will be a regular, recurring use partner, you will be enrolled in the NoCo Community Kitchen’s Incubator Program.


      • All users must follow food safety and health code requirements. The person completing the rental agreement must have a Professional Food Manager or ServSafe Manager Certification.
      • All partners must have, or be in the process of obtaining, a food establishment permit from Yavapai County.
      • You must have general/product liability insurance with NoCo Community Kitchen listed as additional insured.
      • Understand this is a shared space. Leave the kitchen and facility clean and organized.
      • Bring all ingredients you intend to use. 
      • Schedule your time appropriately; Plan time for clean-up and be respectful of other users’ time.
      • Fill out the Kitchen Use Log EVERY time you use the kitchen.


      Kitchen use is scheduled through a shared calendar with the approval of the Kitchen Manager. NoCo Community Kitchen reserves the right to restrict access to the kitchen during pre-scheduled programs and for maintenance and cleaning. You do not need to schedule time on the calendar if you are dropping off ingredients, accepting a delivery, cleaning your storage area, etc.


      We’re excited to build relationships with all members of our local food community! Rental rates depend on who is using the kitchen. For regular users, the base monthly rate is $320 ($20/hour, 16 hours/month.) Additional time is billed at the hourly rate. The rental includes an assigned amount of cold and dry storage. For those interested in using the kitchen on a shorter term or more irregular basis, the rate will be determined based on your needs.


      As a community partner and kitchen user, you are expected to follow all health and safety regulations and to ensure they are being followed by anyone assisting you in the kitchen. You are expected to bring your own ingredients and keep your storage areas clean and organized. You are expected to pay for the kitchen’s use in a timely manner and follow all policies and procedures discussed during the orientation session.

      As a community kitchen, NoCo will provide access to a clean, licensed, well maintained facility with a supportive, community focused atmosphere. The Kitchen Manager is present to ensure everyone using the kitchen is working together toward the same goal: supporting our local food community!  



      What is the Incubator Program?

      NoCo is more than a commissary; it is an incubator kitchen. Through the program, you will receive business skills training and have access to professionals specializing in taxes, licensing, marketing and more. You will also be individually guided in creating a business plan (or revisiting your existing one) to help you make your business a success. The incubator program is the starting point for creating community in the kitchen. Participants are expected and encouraged to share their knowledge and experiences with each other and to bring that spirit of mutual support into NoCo to truly make it a Community Kitchen.

      How does the Incubator Program work?

      This program is designed for working professionals and will be conducted virtually via Zoom in one hour meetings over a four week period. The program will be conducted periodically.

      How much does it cost to participate in the Incubator Program?

      The incubator program costs $200. For regular kitchen users, participation is included in the administrative fee which is due at the signing of the rental agreement.

      How do I register for the Incubator Program?

      The program is offered on a regular basis. Please register by completing this form.

          Stay tuned for updates about this exciting project!