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Prescott Farmers Market Program

Community Compost


Now’s the time to amend your garden beds with compost made from community food scraps.

 Incorporating one bag for every 10 square feet, will send you on your way toward happy critters, happy soil and happy plants this season.

Purchase a 35-lb bag of locally made compost (about 1 cubic foot) for $20 at the purple tent during the Saturday market or at the compost site (997 Schemmer Drive) Friday or Sunday mornings.

Email us with questions.

Prescott Farmers Market has partnered with the City of Prescott to implement Prescott’s first community-scale composting program, which processes kitchen scraps collected from the Saturday farmers market into compost to be used in gardens and on farms throughout the Prescott area.

Since the program’s launch in April 2021:

500+ unique volunteers have helped process over 150 tons of food scraps!

300+ school children, have visited the site, learning about food waste, microbes and decomposition.

This pilot project is an educational program that relies on hands-on community involvement for each step in the compost process- from the collection of raw materials to the distribution of finished compost. Each week, an average of 150 customers deposit acceptable food scraps at the farmers market’s “Compost Booth”. On Sunday mornings, these materials are processed by a group of volunteers on the compost site located just down the road from the market location. Finished compost is distributed to gardeners at the farmers market and the process of growing more food continues! Participants learn about best management practices for composting while helping to create a more resilient local food system.

Visit the Compost Booth (purple tent) at the market to:

  • Find out how to begin composting your household’s kitchen scraps
  • Ask questions about your own backyard compost system

Want to know more?  Email

Check out the Compost info flier! Learn which food scraps are acceptable (no meat or dairy).

Thanks to our partners who make this program possible: