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As a vital part of the economy, the mission of Prescott Farmers Market is to support and expand local agriculture, cultivate a healthy community and increase access to affordable local food.

Customers shopping at vendors' tents lining Cortez Street
Customers look at plants and other goods at vendors' booths along Cortez Street.

Our history

The Prescott Farmers Market started in 1997 with just a few farmers and lots of energy and enthusiasm. Today we have over 60 vendors at the Prescott summer and winter markets.  In 2014 the Prescott market expanded to a year-round schedule. Thousands of customers visit our markets each week for fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, eggs, and locally crafted artisan foods grown and prepared here in Yavapai County. We are proud to support local agriculture by bringing you high quality locally grown food – sold directly by the growers.

Prescott Farmers Market is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, operating year-round markets in Prescott. These markets are producer-only, meaning that vendors must grow or raise everything within Arizona or in the instance of processed foods and crafts, must make everything they sell at the market using a percentage of AZ-grown ingredients. Preference is given to farmers and ranchers operating within Yavapai County. By maintaining these strict standards, PFM supports local agriculture by providing a market through which small-scale farmers can sell their goods.

Our Purpose

To give agricultural producers of Yavapai County and Arizona alternative marketing opportunities that help them to sustain their local, family businesses;

To advocate for policies, practices, and funding that support small farmers and ranchers;

To serve as a business incubator by giving producers an opportunity to test and refine their products and marketing skills with minimal investment;

To build community by bringing farmers and urban consumers together to deal directly with each other, allowing them to trust, know and learn from one another;

To improve the variety, freshness, taste, and nutritional value of produce available in the Prescott area;

To provide an educational forum for consumers to learn the uses and benefits of quality, locally grown and prepared food products;

To support a clean environment through good agricultural practices, and which preserves open space, water, soil and biodiversity, and reduces fossil fuel use by minimizing the distance that food travels;

To enhance the quality of life in the greater Prescott area by providing a community activity that fosters social gathering and interaction;

To contribute to the local economy by keeping food dollars in the community;

To ensure food security – by supporting local farms today, there will be farms in the community tomorrow and future generations will have access to nourishing, flavorful, and abundant food. We accept SNAP/EBT and most farmers accept WIC checks. We participate in FMNP and DFBA programs.

Our Commitment

Prescott Farmers Market is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to fostering an environment that is inclusive and welcoming for diverse board and staff members with different backgrounds, identities, and lived experiences. We acknowledge the role that food systems have played in creating and exacerbating racial and socioeconomic inequities and recognize the need to center and elevate voices that are traditionally underrepresented in agricultural policy and decision-making spaces.