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Two Sisters’ Tomatoes

Sarah Fox | (740) 607-3033 |  Email Vendor

The idea of Two Sisters’ Tomatoes was formed when my sister, Laura was evacuated from Nepal where she had been serving a food security Peace Corp Volunteer. Her service had been cut short, which left her feeling defeated as she had put so much time in dedication into securing seeds, trees and honey bees into her town. She and I brainstormed on how she could fuel her passion of providing fresh food to communities without going back overseas. Her passion yoked with my business experience concocted the idea. During inception conversations of Two Sisters’ Tomatoes we discussed how our identity as two young female farmer provided quite the enigma to society’s expectation of a farmer. Consumers may not take us as serious or challenge our unconventional way of farming. In a small town like Camp Verde, the bulk of the established farms have been 5th generation farms ran by males. Nepal provides a stark contract to this way of life: women run the successful farms. Although it may seem like counterculture here it’s a societal norm there. We want to use our story and empower women to take the leap into their dreams and prove our importance to the industry.

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PRODUCTS: Tomatoes, Zucchini, Melons