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Tribe Mycelium

 Nicholas Hoyt | (623) 237-2402 | Email Vendor

The human body has the incredible potential to heal itself given the right tools. One of those essential tools has been known by humanity for thousands of years in the form of mushrooms. Tribe Mycelium was started by three friends in Phoenix, AZ who saw the value in this mantra and made it our mission to bring these wellness tools to the people by providing high quality, locally grown ingredients, but at an affordable price point. Our fresh mushrooms and mushroom based supplements are all crafted with this philosophy from start to finish.

Locally grown mushrooms in Phoenix? The desert?? How is that possible? Excellent question that we also asked ourselves before we started this endeavor! All of our mushroom varieties are grown in our custom indoor grow facility. We use organic grow practices, and the latest technology to create the strict growing conditions mushrooms need to produce vibrant healthy fruits.

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PRODUCTS: Fresh Lions Mane, Fresh Shiitake, Dried Mushroom Powders, Mushroom Tinctures, Mushroom Capsules