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Diane shares: It all started with a basil plant. A few years ago I planted some fresh herbs in my garden starting from seed. The herbs took a bit to germinate and grow with the exception of basil. The two seeds I started with grew into 3-foot bushes in a matter of months. After pruning and pulling fresh basil for pesto, sauces, etc. I still HAD SO MUCH BASIL! I decided to dry it because I didn’t want it to go to waste. That changed everything. I had been using fancy organic store-bought basil before that – but there was no comparison. The store-bought smelled like stale licorice versus my fresh dried that smelled like, well – Basil. I started making everyone I knew do the sniff test comparing the two. They smiled politely and said oh wow a whole lot. That encouraged me to start drying more herbs and then peppers, then onions, and garlic, etc. until we get to here we are today, Small garden, small batch, local, hand-dried herbs and spices intending to be the freshest and best herbs and spices they can be. When you use these products, your next meal to be the Talk of the Table.

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PRODUCTS: Basic dried simple herbs and spices; Spice Blends