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Rawhide & Honey Ranch

Daniel & Hannah Bennett(907) 712-7336Email Vendor

Daniel and Hannah Bennett are the beekeepers of Rawhide & Honey Ranch. Daniel is a sixth generation beekeeper! Together, they also own and manage a cattle ranch in Salome, Arizona. Bees and beef are their business; although, at this time, honey is the product brought to market.

Rawhide & Honey Ranch offers only the purest honey, foraged by bees from natural nectar sources found in the Arizona desert and North Dakota’s wildflower plains. You’ll find no additives, corn syrup, or preservatives in their honey. It’s a raw food freshly extracted from one of their many hives. They pledge clean, delicious honey, and meticulously care for the bees producing it.

Drop by the booth and say hello to Sarah who manages the sales and attends all the markets while the Bennett family are working and traveling. She’s always happy to answer your questions, and tell you about Rawhide & Honey Ranch’s products.

PRODUCTS: raw unfiltered honey in various sizes