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La Piña Sabrosa

Herminia Piña | (928) 830-9871 | Email Vendor

Herminia and her husband, Jose Luis, daughter Geraldine, and son Arlin are La Piña Sabrosa – an authentic Mexican eatery. They specialize in carne asada burritos and taquitos, enchiladas and sopes–a thick corn tortilla topped with taco toppings, churros and buñuelos–a fried dough pastry topped with powdered sugar. They also make horchata (a sweet cinnamon rice milk drink), lemonade and strawberry water for the market. She uses cilantro, onions, lettuce, garlic, peppers and other produce grown at their family’s farm in the burritos, taquitos, enchiladas and salsas. 

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Products: carne asada, tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and more