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Katie & John Ross | (928) 899-1159 |  Email Vendor

Troy & Claire Eckard’s Iron Springs Ranch in Skull Valley is more than a home, it’s a vision. We began in 2019 with 43 acres, the ‘Home Ranch’, where we dreamed watching our herd of endurance horses run across green pastures in the cool mountain temperature’s. We envisioned a lifestyle that encompassed eating from the land; fresh farm eggs, vegetables, fruit from our own orchards, and beef from our own herd of cattle. We imagined our grandchildren riding horses, picking fruit, tending to the garden, and running around in the fresh mountain air, learning to appreciate all that nature offers.

As we began living our dream, the dream expanded. Never ones to take the easy path, Troy and I began researching holistic land management, regenerative farming, and how we could be the best stewards of this land that was now entrusted into our care. We had always enjoyed an active, outdoor lifestyle, but other than some ranching experience in Wyoming as a teenager for Troy, and many years of owning horses and riding in long distance endurance races, this would be a very different undertaking from anything we had done previously.

Our dreams were given the chance to take root when a neighboring property, the A Bar V Ranch, also found its way into our stewardship. The ‘Big Ranch’ which came with a 400-acre conservation easement and over 5000 acres of State Land Lease, gave us the capacity to put everything we were learning about regenerative ranching into practice. We knew this was going to be a challenge, but thirty-six years of marriage had taught us how to push through tough times to enjoy a better tomorrow! Instead of winding down towards a quiet retirement, we would rather gear things up toward new adventures!

Now, both the ‘Home Ranch’ and the ‘Big Ranch’ are encompassed under our ranching and farming enterprise, Iron Springs Ranch. With the forefront of our vision centered around improving the health of the soil, we put together a herd of quality Angus and Angus Cross cattle to work for us, by trampling organic matter into the soil and putting natural fertilizer onto the land making it rich in nutrients. In turn, the land feeds our cattle, producing some of the finest grass-fed, grass-finished beef in the state.

Our holistically managed orchards are producing fruits that we are developing into products to share with our Beef Club members, and eventually, we hope, through a farm store that will bring our community together for a healthier future, for both us and the land we live on.

It’s still in the “early days”, but recently I watched with gratitude as our two granddaughters helped pick peaches from the trees in the orchard, while our daughter-in-law held our newborn grandson in her arms, and our son filled a basket with apples from a tree so filled with fruit that its branches touched the ground.

Watching this, I knew that in a similar way, our own life’s bounty was overflowing, heavy with the joy of what we are creating for future generations. Somehow, a little girl from Devon, England, found a boy from Pinedale, Wyoming, and together they created a life; a life that led them here. This is the place that we chose (or maybe it chose us) to live out the rest of our life story, our love story, and now we are excited to share our dreams with our community and beyond. Iron Springs Ranch is a place to come together and nurture a better future, a better land, and to feed our souls. We hope you will come along on our journey with us!

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PRODUCTS: Beef, chicken, turkey, eggs