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Grey Goat Ranch

Charles and Regan Parsons | (480) 812-5208 | Email Vendor

Charles and Regan have always wanted to create and enjoy a sustainable farm life. They grew their farm family of 9 goats, 74 chickens, with doggies and kitties to boot. With the skin benefits of goat’s milk and Regan’s love of essential oils, they created goat’s milk soaps and lotions. When they rescued their youngest pup they heard that dog and cat rescues need goat’s milk for puppies and kittens and thus came the license for goat’s milk feed. And with 74 chickens, of course, they have eggs!!! Charles loves to hop on the tractor and work the land, so they’ll also have some vegetable and flowers to bring to market.

PRODUCTS: eggs, goats milk animal feed, soap, lotion, vegetables, flowers