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Golden Rule Dairy

Jared & Joyce Strite | (520) 210-2857 | Email Vendor

Golden Rule Dairy is a small family owned and operated Jersey cow Grade A licensed raw milk dairy located in the valley of Elfrida, Arizona. They take pride in feeding their cows the best diet that is both beneficial for the cows and the consumer, which consists of non-GMO alfalfa and barley, and never any hormones. They are producing the highest quality of delicious raw milk. They oversee the bottling and packaging process on their own as well as deliver to our favorite farmers markets, drop points, groups and stores throughout the state.

They keep their milk at its raw state, so this means it is not taken through the pasteurizing and homogenizing process. With this being said, they go the extra mile to make sure everything is sanitized and cleaned to perfection in order to get that 100% clean testing chart for each batch of milk that is bottled and delivered for market!

TAKE NOTE: Golden Rule Dairy does not have their own booth at PFM. Their raw milk is sold at Black Ranch’s booth, which is at the SE corner of the market.

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PRODUCTS: raw milk