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Bloomin’ Food/Natural Wonders

Patrick Wilcox (928) 776-4637 |  Email Vendor

The Bloomin’ Food part of the business is all about food!  Patrick grows a variety of vegetables, greens, micro greens, root crops, and even edible flowers in Prescott.

The Natural Wonders part is all about red worms. He brings buckets to market which has the red worms themselves, along with eggs and vermicompost. Worm casting are sold by the bag and are like the Miracle Grow of organic growing. They inoculate the soil with organisms and immediately provide nutrition to the soil. Red Worm Tea is available as well. It’s not a drinking tea, but a tonic for plant, and provides a more immediate pick up for healthy soil.

Patrick is a wealth of knowledge and eager to share. He’s definitely a farmer you’ll want to spend some time getting to know!

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PRODUCTS: Veggies, micro greens, red worms, worm castings