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Arizona Date Co.

Jacob & Shelly Cox | (928) 210-6462 | Email Vendor

The Cox family has been farming Medjool Dates in the Desert Southwest since the mid-1970s and has been growing using organic methods since 1985. Every step of their growing and packing process is done by hand. They are pleased to be able to share their Medjool Dates with customers; dates truly are a labor of love! 

Dive into their world, discover their process, and savor the natural sweetness they’ve nurtured for years. With Arizona Date Co., you’re not just tasting a date; you’re experiencing a piece of the Cox family’s legacy.

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TAKE NOTE: Arizona Date Co. does not have its own booth at PFM. Their dates are sold at Beyond Date’s booth, which is typically in the west row of the market.

PRODUCTS: Medjool Dates