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Thanksgiving Shopping List

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Prescott Farmers Market.  In reflection, throughout all the upheaval and roller coaster rides of this year, it’s you, our customers, vendors, volunteers, and community partners, who have, in so very many ways, supported our efforts and enabled us to continue to support and expand local agriculture, cultivate a healthy community and increase access to affordable local food.  We are very grateful to you!

Join us Saturday at PFM; it’s the perfect time to start preparing for your Thanksgiving feast and get everything on your shopping list.  Support your local ranchers, farmers, and vendors; bring the freshest ingredients to your table, and enjoy the fresh air market rather than crowded indoor aisles!

We’ve got everything on your list from appetizers to dessert.  Haven’t started your list yet? Use ours and make it your own.

Prescott Farmers Market Thanksgiving Shopping List

  • Seasonings→ L Bell Ranch
  • Sweet Potatoes→ Whipstone Farm
  • Potatoes → all farmers
  • Salad greens → Whipstone Farm, Reyes Farm, Hernandez Farm, or Aguiar Farms
  • Microgreens→ Local Greens or SuperNatural Sprouts
  • Green onions→ Whipstone Farm
  • Celery→ Aguiar Farms or Hernandez Farm
  • Onions→ all farmers
  • Mushrooms→ Sun Valley Harvest
  • Garlic→ Burnin’ Daylight Farm
  • Bread Cubes→ Bread Friend or Wingfield 
  • Pomegranates & persimmons→ Mina’s Farm
  • Pie pumpkins→ Aguiar Farm
  • Milk→ Iron Rodeo Acres
  • Eggs→ DT Farm
  • Pecans→ Mina’s Farm
  • Honey→ Sun Valley Bees or Beetanical Garden Honey (sold by Heidi Lane Farm)
  • Dates→ Sanchez Dates
  • Ice Cream→Front Porch Creamery
  • Dinner rolls→ two bites bakery
  • Jam→ Heidi Lane Farm
  • Kombucha→ Edible Earth Kombucha
  • Coffee beans→ Cafe de Doña Ella or Camp Grounds Tea and Coffee
  • Festive wreath→ Blooming Reed Farm
  • Host/ess gift→
    • The Visket Farm
    • Olive’s Sunset Creations 
    • Mountain Found Design
    • Skull Valley Lavender
    • Judy Green House
    • Burnin’ Daylight Farm

The harvest season always brings lots of delicious seasonal produce like apples, broccoli, parsnips, potatoes, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, spinach, winter squash, and so much more. So whatever your seasonal favorites are, look for them at the market on Saturday and be ready for your Thanksgiving feast! 

Remember, we are also hosting a special Midweek Downtown market on Tuesday, November 24 from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm at the Tour Prescott lot at the corner of Goodwin and Montezuma.  That will be your last chance for market shopping until we return Saturday, December 5th so make sure to stock up and support local!


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