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Interview: Marie Snow, 2016 PFM Agricultural Scholarship recipient

When the Prescott Farmers Market relocated from Downtown Prescott to Yavapai College in 2005, our Board of Directors had future farmers in mind. They requested that the “rent” we pay for the use of the YC parking lot go directly into an endowment for agricultural scholarships at Yavapai College. In 2015, the fund became fully endowed at nearly $12,000. Last year a scholarship of $261 was given to Marie Snow, a student in the agribusiness program. We interviewed Marie about her experience to learn how our endowment is making a difference on the ground.

Marie is from San Diego and moved to Chino Valley in 2008. She has always been interested in plants and gardens and wants to see community gardens thrive.  She knows the importance of water conservation and how gardening techniques impact it. Marie wants to teach people how to care for plants so they nourish our community.

When Marie Snow was younger, she suffered a serious brain injury. Her doctors told her that she would never be able to go to college. She proved them wrong.This year, Marie will be 60 years old. “You’re never too old to go to school,” she says. Marie is working toward an associates degree in Agriculture Science Technology and a certificate in Production Horticulture. Last year she took classes at Yavapai College’s Agribusiness Center in Chino Valley. Not only did she attend classes while running her own business and working a second job at YC Grown–she also received the President’s Award for Excellence from Yavapai College!

Marie has about 9 more credits to go before she completes her degree. She loves Yavapai College, and is enjoying learning about vegetable production. The PFM scholarship she received helped her cover living expenses so she could focus on her education. Someday she wants to move back to California to start a agricultural business of her own.


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