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When Frost Bites in June

In the early hours of June 12 the temperature dropped unseasonably low, causing frost to occur in parts of Yavapai County. In Paulden at least three of our farmers suffered significant damage to their crops. Both Aguiar and Hernandez Farms estimate that 70 percent of their crops were killed by the frost and Whipstone Farm estimates 30 percent of theirs. These are just the farmers we know about.
Farming in Northern Arizona is tough. We live in a high desert, where water is precious. As you well know, summer temperatures (like today) can be brutal. Farmers practicing natural and organic methods compete with a host of pests from deer to grasshoppers. A June frost in Northern Arizona is not unheard of, but at such a late date in June is uncommon. While those of us who garden can empathize with the heartbreak of losing plants to frost, for farmers whose families depend on the income they earn from their fields, this late frost was economically devastating.
This frost had lasting repercussions that you will continue to see them throughout the summer. Harvesting summer crops like squash, tomatoes, peppers, okra and string beans may be delayed 1 to 2 months, which is sad for us and financially stressful for farmers. This frost in particular behaved bizarrely—farmers remarked that crops like kale and snap peas, which usually can withstand frosts, were also zapped.
How can we help our farmers?
1. Shop at the farmers market and buy from Yavapai County growers.
2. Bring friends to the market and encourage them to support local agriculture.
3. Donate $10, $20 or $50 to help farmers purchase seeds and/or starts and regrow your favorite summer crops.
Through July 3 all donations for “farmer development” made through our website will be distribute to farmers who were hit hard by the frost. Our goal is $2,000. Prescott Farmers Market is a Qualifying Charitable Organization participating in the AZ Tax Credit program. Your donation to the market is an Arizona tax credit which means that you will receive it back when you do your 2017 taxes.


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