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Five reasons to buy prepared food at PFM

There are currently 16 regular vendors selling prepared food at PFM. Each and every food business has their own culinary story and culture to share. We highly encourage you to support these vendors by purchasing ready to eat food next time you are at the market. If you’re already in the habit of doing this, thank you! If you still need that extra push to step out of your regular routine or want even more reason to support prepared food vendors at PFM, read on:

1. Great Variety

Whether you’re craving a tasty snack, freshly prepared vegetables or perfectly cooked meat, our vendors have you covered! Each prepared food business at our market brings their own expertise and culinary experiences. There are many options to choose from that satisfy a wide range of palates and dietary needs. Browse menus to find authentic dishes like Kenyan samosas, Mexican tamales, street tacos and burritos, Lebanese cuisine, French-inspired quiche, ice cream and popsicles with no added sugar or dyes, freshly baked breads, croissants and cookies, locally roasted coffee and so much more.

2. Farm-Fresh Direct Sourcing

Our prepared food vendors must make everything they sell at the market using at least 10% of Arizona-grown ingredients. Vendors purchase ingredients directly from our local farmers and others throughout the state. In other words, the farmer receives 100% of the sale and a third party (distributor/store) is not involved in the purchase. Each vendor can tell you which farm they support and how they use local produce.  You can also see our “Today’s Local Ingredients” listing posted at their booth. You can find Whipstone’s chiles and Hayden Mills flour in two bites bakery’s chocolate chile cookies; mushrooms from Sun Valley Harvest are added to Reyes Farm veggies in Los Reyes’ burritos; milk from Iron Rodeo Acres and cream from Danzeisen Dairy make the foundation for all Front Porch Creamery ice creams. These partnerships and more are found in each portion of food you purchase from our vendors.

3. Stimulate Local Economy & Support Emerging Small Businesses 

Most of our prepared food vendors got their start at PFM and rely on direct-to-consumer sales as their only revenue. Supporting prepared food vendors keeps money in the local economy and allows small businesses to raise capital while keeping their overhead costs low. Farmers markets are also an important opportunity to build skills and test and refine dishes.

4. Feed Two Birds With One Scone

Grocery shop and grab a meal to-go in one stop. The options to satisfy your cravings are endless: About to shop hangry or decaffeinated? Grab a baked good and coffee. Loaded up on seasonal fruits and veggies? Purchase a meal to-go for an easy lunch or dinner. Visit PFM year-round to see our small farms and local vendors bring quality products to the community to meet your grocery shopping and to-go food needs.

Richard from Claudine’s Kitchen passing a chicken wrap

5. Know the People Who Prepare Your Food

Those smiling faces behind the mask have taken their time to source, prepare and assemble your next meal. There are no kitchen walls at the market; you have the opportunity to appreciate the folks cooking your hot meal while it’s happening. Learn their stories as you watch your Edible Earth kombucha bottle being refilled, a fresh beef shawarma sandwich being made at Claudine’s Kitchen or steam spilling out as a tamale emerges from the pot at Lupe’s Tamales. Regular trips to PFM is one of the best ways to connect with where your food comes from.

Do yourself a favor and grab a prepared food item from one of our vendors. Shop outside, support local and help a small business grow. See your Neighbors. Meet your Farmers. Know your Food.

Click HERE to learn more about each of our prepared food vendors:

AZ Pops (summer season only)
Bread Friend
Camp Grounds Tea and Coffee
Carol’s Delectables (summer season only)
Claudine’s Kitchen
Edible Earth Kombucha
Front Porch Creamery
Heidi Lane Farm
Lupe’s Tamales
La Pina Sabrosa
Los Reyes
Nouveau Quiche
Prickly Pear Tea Co. (summer season only)
Safari Samosas
two bites bakery
Wingfield Bread Company


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