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Feed Your Neighbors Gratitude & Appreciation

In this past year we have received so many wonderful words of encouragement and gratitude in response to our Feed Your Neighbors program. While we are so thankful ourselves to be able to support those in need, we certainly haven’t done it alone and can only continue to rise to the call for food assistance with your help. We want to share the outpouring of appreciation. Thanks to everyone who makes this program possible from our generous donors like you, to our volunteers and community partners.

Comments from donors who support the Feed Your Neighbors program:

“Thank you! We were so happy to discover the Feed Your Neighbor program today. I emptied the cash from my pocket and made a donation at the Info Booth. What a beautiful way to be able to support our neighbors. Thank you for making this program a reality.”~Anonymous Donor

“Glad to hear you are helping so many local agencies and their clients with fresh produce and baked goods.” ~Anonymous Donor

“A big thank you to the PFM staff, volunteers, farmers and ranchers who help nourish our community and those in need!” ~Anonymous Donor

“I am so grateful you are providing free, healthy, organic food to our friends and local community members who need assistance.” ~Anonymous Donor

Here are some heartfelt thank yous from recipients of the Feed Your Neighbors program. This is how much those donations, plus the fresh food from our farmers, ranchers and producers, coupled with volunteer work and community organizations means to Your Neighbors in Need!

“I think community efforts to support one another are what is really needed to help food insecurity, and I have seen and lived firsthand the impact that investing in our community in this way has made. Thank you PFM and donors for investing in the health and wellbeing of all of our community!”~Anonymous Recipient

“Mom just loves the veggies, she always says thanks and sends blessings to those who have a hand in this effort.  Lately because of medical expenses it has been an even bigger blessing to have such wonderful veggies coming in. We always want to keep our loved ones healthy as possible.”~Meg, Recipient

“Big day of the month is veggie day!  It has everything fresh, oh my! There is butternut squash, greens, radishes and fresh eggs. We love it, thank you!!!” ~ Louise, Recipient

“I’m a young person living and working in the Prescott area. Recently my household tested positive for coronavirus. I was unable to work for almost a month and I lost my job. The impact of not being able to work for so long has made paying bills and buying groceries even harder than it was before, and I am just now getting back on my feet.  The Feed Your Neighbors program has lifted the grocery bill burden and my household really appreciates all the fresh food!” ~Anonymous Recipient

“Receiving food boxes from the Prescott Farmers Market has made it easier to access fresh and healthy food that I otherwise would not be able to afford. My favorite box contents have been all of the delicious citrus.”~Anonymous Recipient

“Our families really need this, we’ve been hearing how stressful it is to get food on the table.” ~Head Start Teacher 

“These local food boxes are such a welcome change to the boxed, canned, and often frozen food families are receiving right now.”  ~Head Start Teacher 

“I’m thrilled to receive my Feed Your Neighbors box.  Everything is so beautiful and I can’t get enough of all the greens.  Thank you so much for all that you do for me and our community.”~Anonymous Recipient

“I look forward to opening the food box.  It’s like the best present ever!  I know the food is fresher than anything I could buy at the store, plus it was lovingly grown by local farmers working hard to raise their families, just like I am.  Sometimes, pandemic or not, we all could use a little help temporarily.  I’m very thankful for donors, the market and it’s farmers and volunteers who make this program possible.  I will pay it forward!”~Anonymous Recipient

“Dear generous donors: I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for donating to the Prescott Farmers Market Feed Your Neighbor program. It has been extremely helpful to receive this aid and most of all to receive free beautiful vegetables and eggs. It all just makes me smile from the inside out and truly nourishes my spirit, soul and body! THANK YOU!” ~Anonymous Recipient

“Thank you so very much for your kindness, compassion and generosity. Thank you for supporting me during this hardship time.” ~Anonymous Recipient

 “The fresh vegetables make such a difference in our family’s diet. Without them most of what we have would be dried or canned goods . The fresh vegetables help lower our blood pressure & balance our blood sugar. Those to whom I deliver boxes are overjoyed to get them since they live on very limited incomes & fresh veggies are a luxury they are unable to afford.” ~Mary, Recipient

Whether you drop $5 in the donation jar on box building days, or make a monthly donation of $20 as part of your regular grocery budget, or make a $800 tax credit donation- every cent donated to Feed Your Neighbors goes directly and immediately to the program.  We are honored to help nourish families in our community while simultaneously supporting local farmers and ranchers. Your contribution helps us address both new and ongoing challenges and ensure that your friends, family, and neighbors who need it most are getting fresh produce. Make a donation today!


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