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Featured Volunteer: Mary Kaye

We are excited to highlight another of our very dedicated volunteers who help make the market and its programs run smoothly. PFM staff recently interviewed volunteer, Mary Kaye, to learn more about her volunteer experience at the market.

How long have you resided in Yavapai County?
I’ve been here 29 years!

How long have you attended PFM as a customer?
I’ve been attending PFM as a customer since it was held downtown…10 years or more? I appreciate our local farmers and their growing practices. No pesticides!
What first sparked your interest to volunteer at PFM?
I LOVE the Prescott Farmers Market and wanted to find a way to help it grow.
What is your current main volunteer role at PFM?
I went to the Feed Your Neighbors program booth one week and found it to be totally engaging, so I never left!!
What are some of your regular duties?
At the Feed Your Neighbors program booth we meet up before the market opens to get organized. Then we pick up the fresh pre-ordered food from the farmers and create the food boxes that will be delivered to home-bound folks or various food pantries.
What is a duty that a customer would be surprised to know is your responsibility?
As part of the pick up process, I make sure the farmers receive a check for their pre-ordered products. They are paid with donations, just as if the customer was shopping for themselves. Oftentimes farmers give us extra produce or sell to the program at wholesale prices. It’s important that farmers are paid for their product and it’s great that the money stays local.

What is your favorite market memory?

My favorite memory as a PFM volunteer was being thanked so very profusely during the holidays.
What is your favorite aspect of volunteering at PFM?
Getting to know the other volunteers and the vendors!
Interviewer’s note: Are you interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities at PFM? Check out our volunteer calendar or send us an email for more information.


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