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Featured Volunteer: Gary Boivin

We’re so grateful to have dedicated volunteers who help make our community a vibrant space. PFM staff recently interviewed Gary to learn more about him and his volunteer experience at the market.

Prescott Farmers Market- How long have you lived in the Prescott area?

Gary- I have lived here, continuously, since September, 2011. 

PFM- What type of work did you do in your professional career?

Gary- Professionally, I’ve worked as a teacher, counselor and school administrator.  

PFM- Tell us how you first became involved in volunteering with Prescott Farmers Market.

Gary- I remembered fellow volunteer Katie and staff Kelley from my days as a substitute teacher at Prescott Mile High Middle School, in the ’90’s, when we first moved back to Arizona, from South Korea.  Seeing the ladies take on responsibility, for such a laudable effort, piqued my interest. I had also become involved with Slow Food Prescott, and Molly Beverly was a huge supporter of the Farmer’s Market, so in addition to buying food there each Saturday, I became involved with Seed Exchange. 

PFM- What volunteer roles have you taken in the past? What roles do you look forward to in the future?

Gary- I have, as noted, helped with Seed Exchange and also the fundraiser Farm to Table dinner.  I would be willing to help with set-up and take-down, if there is a need for such assistance, week-to-week. 

PFM- What do you wish other people knew about PFM as a market and also as a volunteer opportunity?

Gary- I’d like to see people know more about the service that PFM provides to local growers, both here and in the Verde Valley. 

PFM- Why do you volunteer with PFM as opposed/in addition to other local organizations?

Gary- PFM is one of the organizations with which I volunteer.  I believe it is a cornerstone of a healthy community. Other organizations with which I volunteer are the Prescott Chapter of American Red Cross and Slow Food Prescott. 

PFM- What excites you about volunteering with PFM?

Gary- I like to see a healthy mix of people attending PFM’s venues and befriending a wide variety of local vendors.  

PFM- Anything else we should know about you as a volunteer?

Gary- I have enjoyed my volunteer duties thus far and thank you for considering me for volunteer opportunities in the future.


Interviewer’s note: Are you interested in learning more about volunteer opportunities at PFM? Send us an email for more information.


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