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Featured Vendor: Ma Petite Patisserie

Ma Petite Patisserie joined PFM earlier this Winter season. Recently we asked Sandra Bonhomme-Gilliam to tell us more about her latest business venture, bringing French pastries to PFM.

How long have you been in business? I’ve been in business since 2016 in Paris, France, and since fall 2021 in Arizona.


Can you explain your business name Ma Petite Patisserie? In English, the name translates to My Little Pastry Shop. It perfectly describes my passion and what I bring to market each week.

How long have you been a vendor at PFM? We, my husband Daniel and I, have been vendors at Prescott Farmers Market since November 2021. We began as a Community Booth and now regularly attend each Saturday as a standard vendor. You’ll typically find us in the NW quadrant of the market area. Look for the blue checkered tablecloths!

What do you sell, generally speaking? I sell a variety of gluten-free, dairy-free French pastries.

How would you describe one of your products to someone who has never tried it before?  I prepare beautiful and delicious fine French pastries and breads made with the healthiest ingredients. The ingredients that we use are simple and organic and we use seasonal produce from local farmers as much as possible. “Additives” is not in our vocabulary or our products.

What is your top selling product?  The top selling product is Walnut pie made with English walnuts, honey and maple syrup. This pie is so moist and tasty!

How do your products differ from store bought products? All of my products are tasty and healthy French pastries. They are completely homemade and meticulously prepared with the healthiest ingredients. You will not find fresh handmade French pastries that are gluten-free, dairy-free, and organic at the store.


What is special about your business? What sets you apart? I’m a certified French pastry chef that is also a PhD in Nutrition. I’ve always been passionate about nutrition and how to stay healthy, which has provided a balanced way of living. My extensive university journey led me to a Ph.D. in Nutrition, achieved in 2009 at the Paris-Descartes University in Paris, France. With my background in nutrition and desire to make healthy desserts, I then decided to attend a pastry school in Paris to learn how to make traditional French products. After becoming a certified French pastry chef, I created a series of gluten-free, dairy-free pastries that are made with whole ingredients.  These are pastries that are not only delicious, but also nutritious!

How do you typically prepare to attend the market? For each market day I spend four full days of intense and loving “pastrying” and baking.

Do you vend at other markets? Yes, I also vend at the Sedona Farmers Market on Sundays.

What are your business plans for the future? In the future I plan to open a shopfront as a tea salon-pastry place.

Why is supporting local agriculture and business important to you? Supporting local agriculture and business is a way to build an alliance with like-minded community members. It is always better to know the people behind the products!

What is your favorite market memory? I’m grateful knowing that people are thankful for the planning, preparation and execution of my pastries and enjoy them.

Do you have a “fun fact” about yourself, your business or product? I met Daniel, the love of my life, in the middle of Arizona while visiting family here from France, and decided to do what I was doing in Paris all over again here in the Prescott area.

What else would you like customers to know about you and your business? All my ingredients are organic as well, and my breads are vegan.

How can customers stay in touch?  Visit my website to lean more or to place an online order. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook throughout the week and of course, visit us Saturdays at PFM!


Phone: 928-713-1227

Mailing address:
PO Box 1853
Prescott, AZ 86302