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Featured Vendor: Cabra Pequeña


Jim Pendry and Amanda Amos began their goat-raising adventure about a year and a half ago in Skull Valley. Amanda has experience showing working goats and does in 4-H. Using this knowledge, she did extensive research on milking lines focusing on milk quality and longer lactations. Through growing their herd, their goal is to raise goats that have really good genes for both quality and longevity of milk production. They plan to train their wethers in pack and harness–providing well socialized work animals that are wonderful companions for those looking to take a smaller animal out on trails.

In listening to their intentions, their motto seems to be “everything has a purpose.” Jim and Amanda are passionate about supporting local food and want to provide something at the market that’s beneficial to the community. They work hard to live as sustainability as possible: feeding their chickens produce from local grocers that would otherwise go to waste and all other food scraps to their kune kune pig.

For their soaps and caramels, they seek organic and ethically sourced ingredients and feed their animals organic feed whenever possible. Jim says that while they have a business, they aren’t “in business.” Rather, they handle what the goats produce and sell it to pay for their keep. Their hope is for their soaps to pay for the goats’ hay, feed and someday their vet bills as well. In Jim and Amanda’s eyes, they have a contract with their animals–they house them, feed them, and want the goats to one day help to take care of themselves.

In addition to raising the goats, Amanda serves at El Gato Azul in Prescott. Prior to raising goats and making soaps, Jim used to be a woodcrafter. He built custom wood installations in people’s homes, including a 2-year project building a ramp at the Garchen Institute in Chino Valley. When asked if he had any background in farming or ranching, Jim said “No.” His background is in asphalt, concrete, and glass or what he calls “city boy.” Before moving to the Prescott area he lived in Los Angeles as well as Carlsbad, California.

For an adorable video of brand new kids, visit the Cabra Pequeña Facebook page.




Phone: 928-713-1227

Mailing address:
PO Box 1853
Prescott, AZ 86302