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Featured Vendor: Arizona Desert Rain

Arizona Desert Rain is one of the newer vendors to join PFM.  We sat down with Grace Kirkwood and Robert Crown from Camp Verde to learn all about what’s inside the bright yellow tent.

How long have you been in business? Arizona Desert Rain has been in business for two years.

Can you explain your business name? Why “Arizona Desert Rain”?  In Prescott or other mountainous regions of Arizona, when it rains, the smell is of pine.  We are in Camp Verde at a much lower elevation. Do you know that smell when it rains in the desert? Well, that is Chaparral or Creosote Bush. This results from its many volatile oils like terpene, limonene, camphor, methanlor and other spice fragrances.

Chaparral is one the oldest living plants, 11,700 years old, and has been used by Southwest Natives for centuries, who used it for everything from the internal aliments to topical skin treatments, including sunscreen for themselves and their animals. Traditionally, it has also been used as a bath or liniment to relieve the inflammation and pain of arthritis and is sometimes used in combination with other plants. The properties of Chaparral far exceed that of many other plants.

How long have you been a vendor at PFM? We have been a vendor at Prescott Farmers Market since November 2021 and regularly attend each Saturday.

What do you sell, generally speaking? Chaparral Salves (Body, CBD & Pet), tea, massage oil, tinctures, smudge wands and lip balm.

How would you describe one of your products to someone who has never tried it before?  Through our proprietary process which took one year to develop, we infuse our Sacred Salve with Organic Olive and Coconut oils, Non-GMO Grapeseed oil, Organic Chaparral and beeswax. Our Sacred Salve has a variety of different uses which include, but not limited to aches and pains, sore muscles, bug bites, dry itchy skin, skin conditions, and sun protection. Our first ingredient in all of our products is Love, they are 100% natural and no added chemicals. It’s antibacterial, antibiotic, antiseptic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

What is your top selling product? Sacred Salves are absolutely our top selling products. Salves can help eliminate the irritation of bug bites, bee stings and dry itchy skin, besides helping aches and pains.

How do your products differ from store bought products? Every time we gather for our products we ask permission of Mother Earth, then thank her for this beautiful sacred plant. We also ask permission from the plant before we harvest it. We bless every batch before we begin, say a blessing of gratitude before we put the tops on and then we bless everyone that is going to be using our products. And ….Our first ingredient is Love and you can’t buy that in a store.

What is special about your business? What sets you apart? We are very heart conscientious and know that our thoughts create our reality. That’s why when we create our products we always have thoughts of love and healing. We follow the teachings of Dr. Masaru Emoto, research scientist, with his Messages from Water, implementing love, healing and positive intentions in all our preparations and products. All our products are organic/non-GMO and are made in small batches in a calm and positive atmosphere.

How do you typically prepare to attend the market? We spend the week prior gathering and making products. Normally we rise early, sit in meditation, make coffee and load the car.

Do you vend at other markets? Yes, we also vend at both the Sedona and Flagstaff markets.

What are your business plans for the future? To continue to bring this sacred medicine to those seeking relief and healing of the body. We are continually making our products better, thus evolving into a nationally known brand.

Why is supporting local agriculture and business important to you? We support local agriculture and business because we have been entrepreneurs all of our lives and we know the value of community, wanting to keep mom and pop stores thriving rather than support large corporations.

What is your favorite product to buy from another PFM vendor? Campgrounds Coffee because Joe delivers coffee orders to the vendors before the market starts.

What is your favorite market memory? The many people we meet that attend and tell us stories of healing from using our products.

Do you have a “fun fact” about yourself, your business or product? Our lip balm comes with a warning ….. it makes your lips more kissable.

What else would you like customers to know about you and your business? It’s never been about the money with us. We focus on quality rather than quantity, ethically sourced and sustainable while honoring Mother Earth. We are doing the work we have been called to do and are in gratitude for this amazing plant which grows in abundance where we live. We are deeply moved from the vast amount of positive experiences shared by our customers.

How can customers stay in touch?  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook throughout the week and of course, visit us Saturdays at PFM!


Phone: 928-713-1227

Mailing address:
PO Box 1853
Prescott, AZ 86302