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Featured Sponsor: The Grand Highland Hotel

We’re thrilled to host our annual fundraising event, the Farm to Table Dinner, at Holiday Courtyard & Ballroom once again this year. The Grand Highland Hotel, where the venue is located, has generously sponsored the event for five years. This year, we’re looking forward to getting to know the new owners, Sara and Nick Medina. Below is a brief interview we did with Sara to find out why they support PFM.

Prescott Farmers Market: This is the fifth year that the Grand Highland Hotel has sponsored the Farm to Table Dinner! Why did you choose to sponsor the 2021 event this year? 
Sara Medina: We are excited to host this event. We love community dinners that feature fresh produce from local growers and farmers. It creates such a great synergy between locals and small businesses.

For you, what is the importance of supporting local agriculture?
Supporting local agriculture is so important so we get to know where our food comes from and how it’s grown, creating a connection to the land and food. 

What do you love about the Prescott Farmers Market?
We love the local Prescott Farmers Market with all the variety available.

What’s your favorite locally grown vegetable you hope is featured?
One of my favorites is arugula. I hope this is featured on the menu. It has such a nice peppery taste and is different than a lot of green leaves. 

What are your thoughts on the Farm to Table movement?
I love that you can get such fresh, seasonal local produce that’s not shipped from across the country.

Anything else you want people to know about.
We are excited to continue the partnerships with the local businesses Nancy Hinson has created in the community.

Thanks again to The Grand Highland Hotel for sponsoring the event. We can’t wait to see all our guests at the Holiday Courtyard & Ballroom on Sunday, September 12!


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