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Featured Sponsor: NFM Lending, The Riggs Team

Have a look at NFM Lending,The Riggs Team, a generous sponsor of the 2021 Farm to Table Dinner! We reached out to Danell Riggs, Producing Branch Manager, to learn more about why she chose to sponsor our event.

Prescott Farmers Market (PFM): This is your fifth year sponsoring the Farm to Table Dinner! Why did you choose to sponsor the 2021 event this year?

Danell Riggs: I believe in supporting our local farmers, and I love the fact that The Farmer’s Market gives to our community to encourage healthy food options.

PFM: For you, what is the importance of supporting local agriculture?

Danell Riggs: We all should support our local businesses including local agriculture. Why buy food from another area when we have amazing local farmers to buy freshly grown foods from?

PFM: What do you love about the Prescott Farmers Market?

Danell Riggs: The experience of going to the market with my family is just priceless. The sense of community and quality time together.

PFM: What’s your favorite locally grown vegetable you hope is featured?

Danell Riggs: Carrots! I LOVE buying my kids fresh rolls and carrots for them to munch on as we shop! That’s why we created the Carrots for Kids program!

PFM: What are your thoughts on the Farm to Table movement?

Danell Riggs:  Healthy, Delicious, & Inspiring!

PFM: Anything else you want people to know?

Danell Riggs: I appreciate everyone who participates in the Farm to Table Dinner!

A huge thank you to Danell Riggs and NFM Lending,The Riggs Team for supporting Prescott Farmers Market in so many ways!


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