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Featured Sponsor: James Deep Well Ranch

Have a look at James Deep Well Ranch, a generous sponsor of the 2020 Farm to Table Dinner! We reached out to Jenna James, representative of Deep Well Ranch and the Harold James Family Trust, to learn more about why she chose to sponsor our event. Note that we are not offering in-person dining due to the risk associated with COVID-19. Read more about our modified Farm to Table Dinner and purchase take-home meals here.

Prescott Farmers Market (PFM): You are a first-time sponsor of this event. Why did you choose to sponsor the 2020 Farm to Table Dinner?

Jenna: The PFM is a valuable amenity in our community. The commitment to providing access to high-quality local foods is a service that James Deep Well Ranch would like to see continue long into the future. Our family shops at the market regularly and are pleased to sponsor events that will help ensure its longevity.

PFM: For you, what is the importance of supporting local agriculture?

Jenna: There’s a sense of comfort in knowing who has grown or raised the food that is on your plate. Not only do you know that it is of the best quality and grown with sustainability in mind, you know that local growers care about that just as much as you do. Supporting local agriculture is a commitment to our local economy and the restaurants that buy local.

PFM: What do you love about the Prescott Farmers Market?

Jenna: I love the sense of community when going to the market. It is both a chance to see friends and also to get to know the vendors and the wonderful products that they provide. I really enjoy seeing the same vendors each week and seeing how their offerings might change from week to week. 

PFM: What’s your favorite locally grown vegetable you hope is featured? 

Jenna: My favorite locally grown vegetable that is currently in season is summer squash. I wish I had the space to grow it myself! I actually really enjoy stuffed squash blossoms and hope those might be featured.

PFM: What are your thoughts on the Farm to Table movement?

Jenna: I am very supportive of the Farm to Table movement. I wish that I had the ability to grow more than herbs in my garden so that my family could engage in a more Farm to Table style of eating. This is why the service that PFM provides is so valuable. It allows our local restaurant to provide delicious, quality meals with fresh produce and proteins and also allows families and schools to choose healthier food options. It is also an investment in our local economy to buy and eat what is grown locally.

PFM: Is there anything else you want people to know about? 

Jenna: PFM confronted the difficulties of the stay-at-home orders in an innovative way that still allowed patrons to continue to have access to the items they were accustomed to at the market and also made a commitment to providing those same foods to community families who were suffering from food insecurity as a result of the shut down. I am grateful to PFM for all they did and continue to do in a world where things are so rapidly changing.

A huge thank you to the Harold James Family Trust and James Deep Well Ranch!


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