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Featured Sponsor: Grand Highland Hotel

Grand Highland Hotel is a generous sponsor of the 2020 Farm to Table Dinner. We sat down with owner Nancy Hinson (virtually, of course) to learn more about why she chose to sponsor our event. As nostalgic as the photo below makes us, we are not offering in-person dining due to the risk associated with COVID-19. Read more about our modified Farm to Table Dinner and purchase take-home meals here.

2019 Farm to Table Dinner held in the Holiday Courtyard at the Grand Highland Hotel


Prescott Farmers Market (PFM): You are a repeat sponsor of this event. Why did you choose to sponsor the 2020 Farm to Table Dinner?

Nancy: We are firm believers and patrons of the Farmers Market. We want nothing more than to see the Farmers Market find a permanent home. We choose to sponsor the Farm to Table Dinner to help make this happen.

PFM: For you, what is the importance of supporting local agriculture?  

Nancy: Besides eating scrumptious nutritious fruit and vegetables, we love to support our local farmers and farming community, and hopefully contribute to their success. I have a small garden and while rewarding to grow some of our food, the entire process from seeds to table is overwhelming. I am completely in awe of the work and dedication of each farm.

PFM: What do you love about the Prescott Farmers Market? 

Nancy: First, I love the feel of the Market, the variety, the people, the yummy snacks, coming home with full bags of goodness. I look forward to seeing friends, trying new foods and sharing in our community.

PFM: What’s your favorite locally grown vegetable you hope is featured?

Nancy: Well I go early to get the winter carrots from Whipstone Farm. They are like candy! I almost always buy kale, too.

PFM: What are your thoughts on the Farm to Table movement?  

Nancy: In “East of Eden”, Steinbeck writes about the beginnings of food transportation. I am sure this was a marvel in those days, to have foods out of season and from all over the world.  Now, I believe there is an increasing desire and need to eat foods in season without pesticides and fresh from local farms. We have learned these foods are far more nutritious and when food is grown on a smaller scale, pesticides are not needed and our soil has time to replenish.  The Farm to Table movement is our answer to feeding ourselves and others.

PFM: Is there anything else you want people to know about? 

Nancy: It is an honor to share in our Farmers Market and the Farm to Table Dinner. I am humbled by all of your knowledge, expertise and kindness and love for food. Thank you for all you do!

Thanks to the Grand Highland Hotel and Holiday Courtyard for your support!



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