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Featured Chef: Tony Burris

Chef Tony Burris of  Hawk & Hound will be a featured chef at our Farm to Table Dinner on September 8, 2019. We sat down with him to learn more about why he loves to cook.

Prescott Farmers Market: How long have you been in the Prescott area?

Chef Tony: I moved to this area from Nebraska in 2000.

PFM: What is your favorite dish to make and/or eat?

Chef Tony: I think one of my favorite dishes to make is a nice, big bone in rib eye steak…grilled to medium rare, seasoned with salt and pepper…I also really enjoy making seared scallops with fresh corn and bacon, sitting on a bed of some sort of potato purée.

PFM: What is your favorite vegetable?

Chef Tony: I love peppers!

PFM: What’s the importance of supporting local agriculture?

Chef Tony: Supporting local agriculture is important for so many reasons.  Produce is picked at its peak, providing a burst of flavor, nutrients and freshness.  Local produce is safe, offers genetic diversity and is healthier for you than mass, industrial products. But the most important reason for me to support local agriculture is that it creates a community, a connection between the buyer, the farmer, the food and the land.  Being able to communicate with the family and farmers gives an immediate insight to the land, the seasons and the food.

PFM: Tell me about your passion for food. Where did it come from, what sustains it?

Chef Tony: I’m not sure where my passion for food started.  I remember as a child I would always have to make minor adjustments to my mother’s cooking.  But it wasn’t until 2007 when I attended culinary school that I found passion in the craft of cooking.  I sustain my passion by constantly challenging myself to be better & learn from other chefs. Learning about the amazing things that farmers and ranchers are doing to preserve the livelihood of agriculture is also what sustains my passion and using their products creatively in the kitchen is, above all else, what sustains my passion in being a better chef. 

Chef Tony was recently the Chef in Action at PFM, preparing and sharing samples of breakfast tacos created with fresh ingredients from the market.


PFM: The Farm to Table Dinner is just around the corner! What are you making and most excited about?

Chef Tony: For the Farm to Table Dinner I will be making braised beef with sauce bordelaise with braised red cabbage.  I am most excited about just being able to be a part of this event–working with the magnificent ingredients while working with the other chefs that are passionate about showcasing local products and supporting our local community, farmers and farmers market.


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