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Featured Chef: Tony Burris

Chef Tony Burris of Hawk & Hound will be a featured chef at our Farm to Table Dinner on August 30, 2020.

Chef Tony moved to the Prescott area from Nebraska in 2000. He attended culinary school in 2007 and strives to challenge himself by using local, seasonal ingredients and learning from other chefs. As a chef, he aims to help sustain the livelihood of local agriculture. He became a Board Member of the Prescott Farmers Market in 2018 and has participated in PFM’s Chef in Action program. In 2019, he co-founded Hawk & Hound Catering.

For Chef Tony, supporting local agriculture means access to produce picked at its peak, which means peak flavor, freshness, and nutrition. It also means connection – between the farmer, the buyer, the food, and the land. On Saturdays, you’ll find him at PFM selecting local goods for himself and hopefully for Hawk & Hound’s many events to come!

His favorite vegetables are peppers, but his favorite dishes to make are bone-in rib eye steak, grilled medium rare and seasoned with salt and pepper, and seared scallops with fresh corn and bacon.

Chef Tony at the 2019 Farm to Table Dinner

We asked Chef Tony what he’s most excited about for the 2020 Farm to Table Dinner.  He said, “One of the best experiences is coming together as chefs, like-minded chefs, working for a common cause. The social event is always exciting, but the part I’m excited about is the planning and conversations we, as chefs, have. We work together and bounce ideas off each other to help create the dinner. And of course, the dinner itself is such a blast!!!”

We also asked if he found a silver lining during the pandemic. He said, “I found the time to be somewhat of a break which allowed me to recharge and refocus on what is important to me. I took advantage of the time to work on some culinary skills and picked up mountain biking. It made me realize that the time we are consumed with, with everyday things, absorbs so much of our lives. So I guess the silver lining I found is allowing myself time to do the things that have been gaps in my life, that were lost among the daily routine of life.”  

We’re excited for Chef Tony to showcase his passion once again at the Farm to Table Dinner!


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