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Cory and Shanti Rade 

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Paulden, AZ

Not only do Cory and Shanti bring produce from over 100 varieties of crops and stunning freshly cut flowers to the Prescott Farmers Market, they also bring an admirable amount of heart to their work. They value the relationships that come from providing food for this community more than anything else. Their tireless handwork is driven by their desire to foster relationships with their costumers.

Whipstone Farm is an integral part of sustainable agriculture in northern Arizona. Cory was at the first Prescott Farmers Market in 1997 selling produce from his overflowing garden. All that is harvested from their 15 acres in Paulden is grown without synthetic fertilizer or chemical pesticides. Whipstone Farm has a crew of employees, interns, and volunteers that are essential in its production. Cory and Shanti hold true to their value of relationships by caring and respecting their workers.