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Melissa Monohan

(928) 710-5538 Email  |  Website Facebook


Prescott, AZ

Super Natural Sprouts was born from a great passion for health, nutrition and all things organic. What started out as a hobby for Melissa has now grown into a mission to supply friends, family and our community with the most delicious micro-greens available today!

Stop by and visit with Melissa and she will tell you about why microgreens are considered one of the best living superfoods available today. They all have different nutritional profiles, but at the end of the day, the nutrition in all microgreens is unmatched! More specifically, however, they’re seedlings at the cotyledon stage, which usually occurs between 8-14 days. At this stage, leaves begin to appear and the plants are at their most flavorful and most nutritional best. In fact, microgreens can contain 40 times as many vital nutrients compared to fully mature produce!! They also have more intense flavor than sprouts, baby greens, or mature vegetables due to their high concentration of nutrients. So, not only are microgreens healthier, but they taste better too!

Melissa currently offers four staple microgreens: Sunflower, Radish, Pea Shoots and Wheatgrass. Melissa intends to soon grow additional varieties such as cilantro, broccoli, and amaranth, which offer exceptional nutritional benefits and unique flavor profiles that are hard to find otherwise!