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Cristian Reyes

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Paulden, AZ

Cristian Reyes, and wife Maria Reyes and son and daughter know what it’s like to run a family business. Maria is the daughter of Ruben and Maria Hernandez of Hernandez Farm, so she grew up learning the farming business.  Cristian and their children also worked on Hernandez Farm and in 2019 knew it was time to branch off and become Reyes Farm! While Maria’s main focus is the prepared food business Los Reyes which utilizes Reyes Farm produce in their menu items, Cristian’s main focus is the farm and everyone pitches in where needed. All of Reyes Farm’s produce is grown without chemical pesticides or herbicides and Cristian takes great pride in trying new crop variations each season.  He brings a wide variety of produce to the market each week.  You’ll always find an abundance of in-season items- be it peppers in the summer, squash in the fall, root vegetables in the winter or greens in the spring.