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Laird Maxwell 

928-379-2847  |   Email


Prescott Valley, AZ

It’s the sprout guy! Maxwell Gardens is a memorable part of the Prescott Farmers Market. Laird Maxwell is the endearingly friendly man surrounded by the trays of delicious sprouts at the market. Sprouts, or micro-greens, are a powerhouse of nutrition good for salads, sandwiches, and snacks. Laird grows an array of different kinds of sprouts from organic seeds in his greenhouse in Prescott Valley. Rooted in a background of agriculture in Idaho, Laird deeply cares about proper stewardship of the land and using food as medicine. The sprouts he offers to this community are grown with care and are packed with beneficial nutrients.

Laird’s newest project is getting up a high tunnel so that he can start growing fodder feed. He’ll be contributing to the health of local livestock such as chickens and cattle by growing feed that will provide a fresh, natural, and nutrient-dense diet. Sprouts for the people. Sprouts for the animals. Laird will have it all.