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Steven Dorries

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Skull Valley, AZ

Steve moved from Hawaii and chose Skull Valley to be his new home and start a farm. Initially it was just a side project consisting of animals and pets that he had always enjoyed growing up. He soon found himself enamored with his chickens and remembered how his family had raised and sold eggs during the depression and how it helped the community. Taking those lessons and stories to heart he soon starting researching the best way to raise healthy chickens and what it would take to create the best eggs possible. The answer was simple, let them roam free and find their own food and what supplementary food you did give them had to be simple, clean and healthy. He also knew that he wanted to help his community in ways he knew he could, such as donating eggs to shelters and people in need.

Eggs from DT Farms come in every shape, size and color and are always fresh!