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Chino Valley, AZ

Carol and her family are from Ohio, but since 2003 they have found home in a beautiful 9 acre farm in Chino Valley. The Burnin’ Daylight Farm, be it Carol by herself or with help from daughter Sunshine or grandchildren, have all dabbled in an assortment of agricultural trades over the years ranging from hogs to herbs. Carol says farming is in their family’s blood. It may look different as it grows and evolves in their lives, but no matter where it takes them a commitment to working with the land and providing sustainable, healthy food for this community remains. These ladies are deeply rooted in the farming community of the area. Carol sold vegetables at the very first Prescott Farmers Market.

An assortment of crops such as eggplant, tomatoes, garlic, and squash are grown at Burnin’ Daylight these days. Plants are naturally grown without pesticides and chemicals. This farm is a beautiful family run operation and an invaluable contribution to this community.