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  •  December 28, 2023
     5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


216 N Cortez, Prescott, Arizona, 86301, United States

Chef Kristina of Kitch-Academy leads a cooking class at PFM’s NoCo Community Kitchen.

In this class, we will focus on one of the most classic of French pastries, Éclairs.
Quick! Get yours before they’re gone!
For this class, we will go back to the classic, and learn how to make the Heavenly chocolate éclair; choux pastry stuffed with vanilla pastry cream, and glazed with a rich, dark chocolate glaze.

Éclairs were originally called “pain à la duchesse” (Duchess bread in English), and came from the town of Lyon, France. They were made of choux pastry rolled in almonds and shaped like fingers. In about 1850, the idea of removing the almonds, filling them with custard, and covering them with fondant sugar icing came about. The modern éclair was born!

Éclair means “lightning” in French. People often believe that éclairs were named after the glistening sparkles on the frosting that resemble lightning bolts. The other idea is that they taste so good, that they are eaten, quick as a flash. Its first print reference in English was in an article in Vanity Fair in 1861, and then in “Boston Cooking School Cook Book” in 1884.

Since then, the éclair has made a comeback in popularity and can now be seen filled with fun and exotic fillings like matcha tea custard, lemon curd, or mocha cream, etc. The sky is the limit! The tops of éclairs may now be decorated with fresh fruit and fanciful fruit glazes. Frozen éclairs filled with various ice creams and fillings are also rising in popularity.

RSVP now buy purchasing your ticket HERE. To create a more intimate experience and ensure everyone receives personal attention, registration is limited.

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