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Citrus Infused Cleaning Vinegar

Citrus Infused Cleaning Vinegar

What do you do with those peels after you’ve enjoyed some delicious citrus from Sanchez Dates or Sun Valley Harvest? Collect the peels and try making a batch of natural, non-toxic, effective cleaning spray! White vinegar provides a natural and effective antimicrobial...

Feeding the Future

In November PFM staff collaborated with Yavapai County Cooperative Extension’s AZ Health Zone team to deliver 16 boxes full of local fresh vegetables, fruit and bread to Ash Fork families in need. Through PFM's Feed Your Neighbor program, families of children who...

Thanksgiving Shopping List

Thanksgiving Shopping List

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Prescott Farmers Market.  In reflection, throughout all the upheaval and roller coaster rides of this year, it's you, our customers, vendors, volunteers, and community partners, who have, in so very many ways, supported our efforts...

We Want Your Kitchen Scraps!

We Want Your Kitchen Scraps!

Prescott Famers Market has recently partnered with the City of Prescott to design and implement a small-scale community composting operation here in Prescott.  The project is being funded by the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) agency of the United States...

Five reasons to buy prepared food at PFM

There are currently 16 regular vendors selling prepared food at PFM. Each and every food business has their own culinary story and culture to share. We highly encourage you to support these vendors by purchasing ready to eat food next time you are at the market. If...

Plant-Based Guide to PFM

Local, fresh, plant-based eating has never been more accessible, thanks to all of the hard-working vendors. There is a plethora of local food and craft vendors at PFM that offer plant-based products, you just have to know where to find them! Assistant Market Manager,...

Featured Sponsor: Grand Highland Hotel

Featured Sponsor: Grand Highland Hotel

Grand Highland Hotel is a generous sponsor of the 2020 Farm to Table Dinner. We sat down with owner Nancy Hinson (virtually, of course) to learn more about why she chose to sponsor our event. As nostalgic as the photo below makes us, we are not offering in-person...

Featured Sponsor: James Deep Well Ranch

Have a look at James Deep Well Ranch, a generous sponsor of the 2020 Farm to Table Dinner! We reached out to Jenna James, representative of Deep Well Ranch and the Harold James Family Trust, to learn more about why she chose to sponsor our event. Note that we are not...

Chino Valley Farmers Market opens for summer season!

We will welcome customers for the Chino Valley Farmers Market summer season on Thursday, July 16, 2020.  Chino Valley market will be held monthly at Olsen’s Grain, 344 S State Route 89, from 3:00 PM until 6:00 PM. Rather than a weekly market this year, we have opted...


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