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Planting Potatoes

Potatoes are amazing. We find endless ways to prepare them: scalloped, fried, mashed, roasted, shredded and the list goes on. They're also one of my favorite crops to grow at home. There's a special anticipation and reward when after watching your plants grow for...

Fruit Tree Pruning

One of my favorite things to do is prune fruit trees. While some may consider it a chore--and I suppose if you have a full orchard it would feel that way--I find peace and satisfaction in tending to the trees that feed me. For this reason I could get carried away with...

Grow Your Own Sprouts

Grow Your Own Sprouts

The winter season is an essential part of our growing cycle. When else can the soil rest and restore and build up nutrients for the coming growing seasons? Just because your garden isn’t providing you with vegetables doesn’t mean you can’t grow your own inside....


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