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March Updates

We're hiring! PFM is seeking 2 part-time assistant market managers to help with our summer market. If you or someone you know is interested, please email us a request for information. Applications will be reviewed as they are received and interviews conducted within 2...

Planting Potatoes

Potatoes are amazing. We find endless ways to prepare them: scalloped, fried, mashed, roasted, shredded and the list goes on. They're also one of my favorite crops to grow at home. There's a special anticipation and reward when after watching your plants grow for...

Featured Vendor: The Goat Barn

Kimberly Sharp loves living on a farm. She said people often assume that all of the animals tie them down. Her response is "We don't need to get away; we love it here." Kim and her husband have raised and home-schooled their 5 children on their farm in Prescott...

In Season: March

Spring is officially here and while many of us are basking in the sun, feeling grateful for the changing season, March is a bit of a transition month for our local farmers. Many of the cold-weather crops they planted this winter are dwindling while they hold their...

Fruit Tree Pruning

One of my favorite things to do is prune fruit trees. While some may consider it a chore--and I suppose if you have a full orchard it would feel that way--I find peace and satisfaction in tending to the trees that feed me. For this reason I could get carried away with...

In Season: February

In Season: February

With this warm weather, it's not so hard to imagine plants sprouting up all over the place. Many of our farmers have planted seeds, hoping that this warm spell lasts through the spring. Keep your fingers crossed! Here is what you can expect to find at the market this...

Featured Vendor: Grand Canyon Farms

Grand Canyon Farms is a small operation in Ash Fork. Bill and Mary Henning moved to Ash Fork six years ago from California to start their own homestead. Previous to that Bill was an Army K9 Handler and Supervisor. He attended Cal Poly Pomona and received a degree in...

anemones: a winter wonder

anemones: a winter wonder

An elegant bouquet of flowers in the middle of winter? Incredible, I know. I can't get over how stunning these flowers are, not to mention the fact that they were grown just down the road. Shanti Rade, of...

Grow Your Own Sprouts

Grow Your Own Sprouts

The winter season is an essential part of our growing cycle. When else can the soil rest and restore and build up nutrients for the coming growing seasons? Just because your garden isn’t providing you with vegetables doesn’t mean you can’t grow your own inside....

Featured Vendor: Sue Z Cakes

Featured Vendor: Sue Z Cakes

Sue Bunger has been selling her baked goods since she was in high school. She has over 30 years of experience as a pastry chef. She worked as Food Service Manager for Marriott Food Services, Gonzaga University and Harrington School District in Washington. She and her...


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