Prepared Food Vendors

Below are the current Vendors that sell prepared food at our markets.

Molly’s Tamales

Estella Sedlmeier  |  (623) 640-9911  |   Email Vendor

Molly’s Tamales are carefully made with Arizona Grown Produce. We offer about 12 different variety of tamales using no lard or shortening, no preservative added. All tamales are gluten free. We also make burritos to order. .
Estella has been making tamales since she was a little girl. Her abuelita taught her the art of tamale making and since then she created 18 different kinds of tamales for the public to enjoy.

We produce healthy tamales that are high in antioxidants, and that the whole family can enjoy. Our tamales have no lard, shortening, or soy, and are gluten-free. Available at the Prescott, Flagstaff and Phoenix farmers markets, our restaurant in Phoenix, art and craft shows and health stores.

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PRODUCTS: tamales and burritos

Safari Samosas, LLC

Pricillah Finney  |  (928) 717-2361  Email Vendor

Safari Samosas are made according to traditional Kenyan methods, utilizing natural and locally available ingredients. All are precooked at a YCCHS approved kitchen then frozen to be baked for home consumption or warmed for sale at prescribed community events. Available at the Saturday and Tuesday Prescott Farmers Markets (frozen & warm), City of Prescott, various Chamber of Commerce, Mountain Artists Guild, Williamson Valley Fire District Arts & Crafts, and Fraternal Order of Eagles courthouse square events (all warm only).

Priscillah Finney, owner, is a native of Kenya who came to the U.S. in 1995. She acquired citizenship in 2009. Since arriving in the U.S., Priscillah provided samosas to church groups, friends, relatives, and neighbors. At their urging, she decided to develop a samosa business.

Purpose: To make, offer and distribute unique African style hors d’oeuvres at an affordable price.

PRODUCTS: seven flavors of samosas, namely beef, chicken, chorizo, mung bean, mushroom, potato, and veggie. Samosas are available any time by order with free delivery (frozen or warm).

The Tamale Store

Maria Pimienta  |  (602) 435-2604  |  Email Vendor
We sell the best tamales in Az. All of our tamales are Gluten free, Lard Free, Shortening free, preservative free and MSG free.  We also have a line of fresh salsas. Greens and reds made mild, or spicy. We sell our tamales at our store location on cave creek and cactus Tuesday-Friday from 8:30-4pm. We also go to various farmers markets around the valley, you can check out our website for locations, dates and times. We are also in various stores around the valley.

Established in 2007 The Tamale Store is a family owned business with a true understanding of the passion necessary to create only the finest tamales. Each tamale created is a reflection of our twenty years of experience within the catering industry. We always use only the freshest ingredients and employ a one-of -a kind staff with an extraordinary knowledge of what used to be considered an ordinary dish in the U.S.

Martha Castillo is the owner and culinary mastermind behind The Tamale Store’s nationally famous tamales. Her genius recipes stemmed from her love of combining traditional flavors with an innovative twist. Today, you can find her along side her family continually trying to perfect the art of tamale making while simultaneously attempting to become leaders in the tamale industry. It’s certainly a hard job, but Martha’s always been willing to take on a challenge.

PRODUCTS: frozen and fresh meat, vegan and vegetarian tamales made with NO lards, shortenings, preservatives, MSG’s, trans fats or gluten.

Tortuga Flats Farm Pirate Pickling Company

Brenda Whiteside  |  (763) 913-5504  |   Email Vendor

Tortuga Flats Farm is family owned and operated. We grow all our produce without pesticides. Our pickles and relish are made without alum, the old fashioned way. Spicy or salty, crunchy or Old World, a flavor or texture to suit all tastes.

PRODUCTS: pickles, relish

Two Bites

Allee Steinberg  |  (928) 273-9550  |   Email Vendor

Allee Steinberg is committed to using locally-grown ingredients in her baked goods. Whether it’s zucchini bread or chile chocolate cookies, her baked goods are delicious! Allee also sources White Sonora wheat from Hayden Flour Mills in Tempe and uses the flour in all of her products.

PRODUCTS: breads, cookies and crackers.

Whipstone Farm

Shanti Rade  |  (928) 636-6209  |   Email Vendor

We are Certified Naturally Grown We do not use any synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. We feed our soils with organic manures and compost. We use crop diversity, crop rotation, biological pest control methods, and organic control.

We are a family farm growing about 7 acres of vegetable and flowers. With our small children, volunteers, interns and many helping hands, we accomplish the very hard work of running a diversified, small farm operation.

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PRODUCTS: vegetables


Happy Tails Barkery

Holly Pace  |  (480) 433-9080  Email Vendor

HTB is a home-based dog bakery located in Queen Creek, Arizona. Thanks to your support, we’ve been baking our healthful doggy treats for 3 years now! We specialize in grain and gluten free dog treats. Our premium dog treats are handmade with superior human-grade ingredients. We take pride in the quality and presentation of our products by paying great attention to detail while baking. We also pride ourselves on our superior customer service, so you can feel good about serving our PAWsome treats to your pooch!

PRODUCTS: prepared food

L Bell Ranch

Leslie Cronquist & Mark Finn | (928) 442-3353 | Email Vendor

The L Bell Ranch is a small family owned and operated business, located in beautiful Skull Valley. Lloyd and Leslie Bell began raising Registered Black Angus cattle on the ranch in the 1960s. The ranch now has an Angus and Angus/Cross herd. The ranch is composed of a varied terrain with most of the land on the valley floor. Many of these acres are irrigated pastures filled with a variety of grasses, legumes and native plants. This provides the cattle with a diverse array of nutrients, keeping them happy and healthy.

Our grass-fed cows are raised with no hormones, no antibiotics and no feeds other than pasture grass with hay forage added in the winter. They have access to lots of water and sunshine! Our flock of cage-free, mixed-breed chickens provides eggs throughout the year. Herbs, vegetables and plants are grown naturally with no chemical sprays or fertilizers using organic methods.

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Products: Natural grass-fed beef, eggs, fresh and dried herbs, plants, baked goods, salt and pepper herb blends

Grand Canyon Farms

William Henning  |  (928) 637-2328  Email Vendor

Grand Canyon Farms is a growing microdairy and boutique creamery producing several types of chevre and feta-style cheeses for their herd-share partners. In addition, GCF produces a stunning array of confections using their own goat milk and other locally sourced ingredients. GCF features a line of milk-based soaps and lotions specifically for their sun-drenched Arizona customers.

PRODUCTS: eggs, processed foods and soaps.

Hernandez Farm

Ruben Hernandez 

Hernandez Farm, located in Chino Valley, is a beautiful example of a family run farm. It’s impeccable rows and abundant plants are cared for by Ruben and Maria Hernandez along with their 8 children and 17 grandchildren. Nearly every member of this large family lives within minutes of each other, and they’re all involved in maintaining the farm. Even the smallest of grandchildren love to get their hands dirty alongside their beloved grandfather. Ruben has been farming his whole life. The skills he has developed are obvious in the lushness of the crops. The wide variety of produce that can be found at both the Prescott and Chino Valley Farmers Market from this farm is naturally grown without chemical pesticides or herbicides.

This winter the Hernandez Family is selling tamales made with their home-grown chile sauces. They also have homemade flour and corn tortillas and sweet empanadas for sale.

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PRODUCTS:  vegetables, prepared foods.