Meat Vendors

Below are the current Vendors that sell meat at our markets.

L Bell Ranch

Leslie Cronquist & Mark Finn | (928) 442-3353 | Email Vendor

The L Bell Ranch is a small family owned and operated business, located in beautiful Skull Valley. Lloyd and Leslie Bell began raising Registered Black Angus cattle on the ranch in the 1960s. The ranch now has an Angus and Angus/Cross herd. The ranch is composed of a varied terrain with most of the land on the valley floor. Many of these acres are irrigated pastures filled with a variety of grasses, legumes and native plants. This provides the cattle with a diverse array of nutrients, keeping them happy and healthy.

Our grass-fed cows are raised with no hormones, no antibiotics and no feeds other than pasture grass with hay forage added in the winter. They have access to lots of water and sunshine! Our flock of cage-free, mixed-breed chickens provides eggs throughout the year. Herbs, vegetables and plants are grown naturally with no chemical sprays or fertilizers using organic methods.

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Products: Natural grass-fed beef, eggs, fresh and dried herbs, plants, baked goods, salt and pepper herb blends

Broken Horn D Ranch

Kim McElroy & Dave Pawel | (928) 708-9385 | | Email Vendor

Broken Horn D Ranch is located in Prescott, AZ, Yavapai County. Dave Pawel & Kim McElroy raise Corriente cattle and produce USDA Process Verified Grass Fed, Criollo beef on 3,000 acres. All the beef comes from animals born and raised on the ranch, spending their days in pastures grazing on native grasses and browse. Cattle are handled quietly from horseback and are processed locally at Perkinsville Processing in Chino Valley, an ADA inspected slaughter facility.

Criollo beef comes from cattle of Spanish origin. These cattle are especially well adapted to the hot, arid Arizona climate. They are vigorous breeders and are known for their ability to utilize “utilize the country”. Criollo cattle are a smaller animal than the traditional English beef breeds and are typically slaughtered at 800 pounds as opposed to 1,200 pounds for English breeds. Their muscle fibers are fine, like buffalo or elk, making the meat tender and incredibly delicious. As grass fed, the beef is not only good, but good FOR you!

All Broken Horn D Ranch Criollo beef is USDA Process Verified Grass Fed, No Hormones, No Antibiotics and No Animal By Products, ever, for the life of the animal. Kim is also a BQA Certified Producer, further verifying the ranch operates by the highest industry standards for humane handling and care of the cattle. Dave & Kim are passionate about their cattle (and horses), and being good stewards of the land. They feel truly blessed to be able to live their dream while providing friends and neighbors a healthy and delicious foodstuff.

Products: Grass-fed Criollo beef